How to reference a book in an essay

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It’s time to tell how to write a dissertation and what requirements should be met in writing this work. Just a few years ago, obtaining a degree could be considered quite a normal procedure, which many students were striving for. Now the situation has changed a bit, as modern students set completely different priorities for themselves. For them it is important to get a diploma, not a degree. Those who are currently defending dissertations are considered special people. A small desire to perform such work is largely due to the fact that many university graduates are in a hurry to get their desired certificate of graduation from a higher educational institution and strive to go to work faster in order to realize their intended financial plans. How graduate projects and other educational materials are written, such students know quite a lot, but few people think how to write a dissertation project.

So what is a dissertation? This is an educational work that allows you to get the title of doctor of science or candidate of science. There are several requirements for writing similar works. They are different in their diversity, as there are different degrees. But the basic requirements for all works that are unchanged are:


Relevance from the point of view of science; Reflection of the latest information of interest to the studied area.

To be able to obtain a degree, a graduate student is required to have certain publications that are intertwined with the topic of the thesis. Moreover, the graduate student will have to pass exams before proceeding to defend his work. These include specialty discipline, a foreign language, and a minor exam also related to the specialty. In rare cases, the student chooses him.

The text of the work can be presented in several versions. First, it can be a scientific manuscript, reflecting a particular study. In this case, the presence of the abstract, which conveys the main points of the work. Secondly, it can be a full edition in the form of a book. Thirdly, it may be a collection of published works of the author, which are combined in a common concept. It is important to know that in this case, the presence of the abstract is simply not necessary, since the work itself is sent to the readers.