How to reference a book in an essay

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If the thesis is written on applied exact, then some calculations are applied in it. They must also have a scientific rationale. Moreover, the student must show their scope and level of significance. If we are talking about theoretical science, it is important to show a reasoned argument proving the importance of a particular theory, considered in the work.

More detailed requirements are set by the Ministry of Education. To obtain a scientific degree of a candidate of sciences, his work must be published in at least one source. In order for a PhD degree to be available, there should be several such sources. That is, this degree is more demanding. The concept of scientific publications may also include certain documents reflecting the fact that the author of the thesis has ever made scientific discoveries or invented something.

The main requirements for the implementation of the thesis also include a clause on the use of additional materials. If the author has applied in his research opinions or theories from other sources, then the work must necessarily contain references to them. If the published scientific papers were written together with another author, then his data should also be reflected in the work.

There are also general requirements for the preparation of a thesis for a doctor or a candidate of science. The first thing that needs to be considered is that the scientific work must be carried out by the student himself. If in the performance of other educational work it was possible to turn a blind eye to their order, then in the case of the dissertation the acquisition of finished work is not permissible. The second requirement relates to the content of the manuscript. All her information should have a single inseparable structure. The third point is the practical usefulness of the information available in the thesis for future science. The work must fully prove the student’s involvement in the new scientific discovery. The last general requirement for the implementation of the dissertation is that the evidence of any theory to be true and reliable. No one needs erroneous evidence.