How to quote in an essay

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Describe here what conclusions you have drawn from your scientific research. They can also be presented as a list. Sum up, indicate whether you have reached your goal.

You should specify at least 5 sources of information: literature, textbooks, periodicals, scientific papers, the Internet. The last source is the least reliable. The percentage of his quoting should not exceed a quarter of all other sources.

The “face” of your work. It contains info about the ministry, university, faculty, department, discipline and topic of your essay. In addition, it is necessary to specify the performer and the teacher with regalia. At the end indicates the city and year of writing.

The second sheet of your essay. Listed here are the structural blocks, their names and the pages where they are located.

In this block, it is customary to show the relevance of this study, the scientific novelty, it explains why the author chose this particular topic, sets the goals and objectives of this work.

Consists of at least three points. They reveal the topic, describe solutions to the problem.

Here it is necessary to draw conclusions, give recommendations, innovative proposals.

At this point, its necessary to list all the literature used, then other sources of information (Internet, TV programs, etc.)

This a relatively small part, consisting of 2-3 pages. Expand the relevance of the chosen topic, show its scientific novelty, set goals and objectives, describe the research method (comparative, analytical, historical, etc.)

Break it into logical parts. Its very difficult to perceive a solid text. That is why paragraphs, sections or sub-parts are needed. Name each according to the information in this paragraph. Do not be called abstract.

If it is necessary to present a more complex structure, for example, at the request of the teacher, then we will divide each chapter into several parts:

Each new paragraph, section, paragraph should start from a new sheet. We recommend confirming your words with graphs, photos, drawings. This will demonstrateyour serious approach to work. Do not forget to give footnotes to graphic authors, if the author is not you.