How to cite in an essay

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The essay is essentially a small student research work. Less often – a report. It serves as an essay to verify the knowledge and skills acquired in a particular subject, sometimes a course of lectures. In addition, the essay can be an independent work to gain skills. For example, independent study of the literature, its analysis and the ability to process the knowledge gained.

The basic requirements for the design of the essay are standardized by GOST or the position of a particular university. Always worth clarifying at the department.

Printed material of the abstract. Primary requirements

The abstract is not written by hand. The following standards are set for printing:

Font size 12 or 14 Times New Roman. Footnotes and tables may be filled with smaller type.

Fields and indents have the following meanings:

Left 3 cm (need a place for the essay firmware)

Right 1 cm

Top and bottom 2-2.5 cm

Red line 1-1.75 cm

Line spacing is usually set to 1.5 or 1

Formatting taken the width of the sheet.

What is the abstract

TITLE PAGE. The “face” of your work. It contains information about the ministry, university, faculty, department, discipline and topic of your essay. In addition, it is necessary to specify the performer and the teacher with regalia. At the end indicates the city and year of writing.

CONTENT or CONTENTS. The second sheet of your essay. Listed here are the structural blocks, their names and the pages where they are located.

INTRODUCTION. In this block, it is customary to show the relevance of this study, the scientific novelty, it explains why the author chose this particular topic, sets the goals and objectives of this work.

MAIN PART. Consists of at least three points. They reveal the topic, describe solutions to the problem.

CONCLUSION. Here it is necessary to draw conclusions, give recommendations, innovative proposals.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. At this point, it is necessary to list all the literature used, then other sources of information (Internet, TV programs, etc.)